Foundations in Somatics

The next Foundations in Somatics course starts May 4th 2022!

Wednesday evening 7.05pm
via zoom, recordings included
May 4th-June 8th

We take 6 weeks to explore the first layer of Somatic Movement Education – getting reintroduced to our bodies, utilising gentle movement.
This course shines a light on different movement patterns, following Thomas Hanna’s body of work which he built upon his experience as a Feldenkrais practitioner. My interpretation and small variations of this classical work keeps it accessible for our Bodies of the 21st Century – working at laptops, on our phones, with a constant stream of information to navigate, with multiple stressors to deal with daily.

The course develops a better understanding of movement – flexion (bending forward, curling in), extension (bending backwards, opening the front), lateral flexion (side bending, recognising right and left halves), rotation (turning, twisting and getting a better 360 degree view around us) and combinations of these basic spinal movements.

We explore the principles of freeing the centre of our torso to lessen the strain on the limbs (our periphery), releasing tension in our back, hips, shoulders and neck. Oftentimes, people feel more balanced, smooth our their walking, increase their ability to reach, turn and feel how bracing and tension in the centre is connected to unnecessary additional effort elsewhere.

If you would like to surprise yourself with how well you can move while using less effort rather than more and how listening to your body will affect your outlook on other things too, join me!

The Foundations in Somatics course runs for 6 weeks, a weekly class on Wednesday at 7.05pm, containing a movement lesson and brief discussion. Audio recordings are being made available for personal practice and I’m only an email away for questions.