Online Group Lessons

All group classes and courses are delivered online, so you can participate without the hassle of travelling. Our classes have run continuously with a month’s break since March 2020 and the majority of movers were able to make time for class, creating a consistent practice of resourceful movement. We kept going through restrictions and with an international group. You also create a habit of practicing at home!

Somatic Education lends itself perfectly to be taught online, as you are mostly verbally guided through movements and focus on the sensation of the action. No need to twist your neck to check the screen!

All weekly classes can be paid for through a monthly subscription (recurring from sign up date) from Janaury 2022 onwards. This allows for better planning and a more sustainable way to run a one woman business than a drop-in model (which works well for big box studios where a ‘small class’ has 15 people in it). It makes coming to classes less expensive for you, keeps you accountable, honours the practice and creates a community of movers while it creates a more stable income for me. Recordings of every class are provided after as an audio file for 3 days.
A monthly subscription is the overall most economical option for you and allows you to join both Tuesday evening and Friday morning class. You can also buy a 5 or 10 class package or a single drop in class, if it suits you better.

I also offer a Monthly Community drop in class on the last Friday of each month at 8.15pm (Dublin)
This is a 50min class with a pay what you can pricing so you can get a live experience of how I teach and sense of what the classes are. Please see my schedule to sign up