Cultivating Resourcefulness and Ease in Movement

Hi, my name is Katrin Neue and I am a Clinical Somatic Movement Educator registered with ISMETA, teaching movement professionally for the last 20 years.

Somatics is all about embodiment, moving in a more comfortable, aware and confident way. You can melt away layers of holding patterns that keep you trapped in past compensations to reveal your authentic calm and whole being through movement and hands-on feedback.
It’s a collaborative approach to self-care with clear movement suggestions that take your whole being into consideration. My approach to Somatic Movement Education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna is secular and pragmatical.

No ‘work harder, pull up here, don’t sink there, be careful when you do this’ – supercharge your perception of how you move and how you can strip it back to efficiency, pleasure and simplicity by doing less.

Let me assist you on your way to better health!

Katrin Neue is a registered member of ISMETA

Taking Katrin’s online class due to Lockdown. Katrin is easy to follow, gives knowledgeable instructions and sends a sound recording for week long practice. Booking is easy. Somatics are relaxing, gentle yet subtle. With very little effort the body engages in deeper and deeper stretching until optimum movement is achieved with seemingly little effort. Katrin’s comments lend that extra detail that make sense of or connect what’s happening inside to the movement. Amazing to be able to do all that long distance over a screen. Particularly good for sore or problem bodies.


I always love your classes Katrin – you have an abundance of knowledge, sensitivity and wit – it’s always a joy to share time with you!