Cultivating ease in movement

lessen overwhelm in life

Hi, my name is Katrin Neue and I am a Clinical Somatic Movement Educator registered with ISMETA, with 20 years of professional experience in teaching movement. I love sharing with you how you can move on from falling into the same habits over and over again into better mobility, more movement options and a better sense of self, with back to basics, foundational movement classes, courses and 121 sessions. 

No ‘work harder, pull up here, don’t sink there, be careful when you do this’ – supercharge your perception of how you move and how you can strip it back to efficiency, pleasure and simplicity by doing less.

Let me assist you on your way to better health!

Katrin working 121 with a client at SOMAdublin

This is the first time in years I can feel this part of my body, without pain.

C., Workshop participant

I always love your classes Katrin – you have an abundance of knowledge, sensitivity and wit – it’s always a joy to share time with you!