Private Sessions

In person private lessons are held in Brunswick House, Brunswick Place Dublin 2. Please note my office is on the first floor in an old building – if stairs are not accessible to you, please book an online session.
45min sessions are available online only.

In a private session, we go at your pace, while I provide gentle guidance for movement explorations.
Sessions are done fully clothed and – if we meet in person – we utilise a low table (like a firm raised mat), a chair, work in standing or leaning against the wall. Please wear clothes that make you feel comfortable to move while lying down.

Regular appointments will help to create a tailored practice – this is a collaborative approach to self-care, meaning we create a dialogue through movement and sharing our observations (you moving, me supporting) to facilitate more ease, comfort, ability to slow down and change effort.

Who typically comes for a private session?

Working 121 allows me to really hone in on what brings you to Somatics, change my pace of teaching to meet you where you’re at and support you in your practice.

A lot of my clients have forgotten how to move with less effort and more pleasure. Others describe them as ‘always tense’ or highly strung and this extra effort has started to impact on their day to day movement and mood or made them stop doing the things they love.

A lot of my clients have anxiety and want to become more familiar with their body again without self-criticism or learned negative habitual self-image. With manual support and restorative movement, we can learn again to release old patterns of familiarity and grow fully into ourself from the inside out. Practicing the ability to make and create choices is a core feature of my work. This is a practice of kindness towards ourself, embodiment and enjoying movement.

A lot of my clients can’t sense their body and movement accurately anymore. Having ‘blank spaces on the map’, or sensory-motor dysregulation meaning sensation is dulled or non-existent can be filled with life again and facilitate fuller expression in movement and interaction.

A lot of my clients are dealing with ongoing, persistent pain, or pain that comes and goes. We can eliminate maladaptive movement patterns (learned through fear of movement, old compensations from injuries etc) through the practice of Somatics.