Foundations in Somatics

This beginner course is your introduction into Hanna Somatics based movements, streamlined for the 21st century. I have refined what I teach and how I teach it since I started offering this course in 2014 and you can be sure to get a range of useful movement processes to release excess tension, improve your breathing, explore new, small, soft movements and enjoy your abilities in a relaxed class.

I have chosen to offer this 4 week course online, so you can get comfortable in the evening, grab a blanket and move with me, without having to leave your home (and pay for parking/bus, the higher price I would have to charge to rent a space, etc).

Find the course dates on my schedule!

Why does it work online? Will I not do things wrongly?
Somatic Movement is a process-oriented practice, which means we pay attention to how we move more so that how the movement looks like. This provides a low-level entry point: if you are just recovering from an injury or surgery, covid or other long-term illnesses, this practice generally is suitable, bringing your attention inwards. If you feel uncomfortable in a group situation or going to new places with people you don’t know, you also might find this format more welcoming. And parents! You might just have brought your little one to bed, and this is the time of the day where you get some me-time, but obviously can’t leave the house to go to a class? Yes, you’re welcome! (also pet-owners with anxious pets, people who simply prefer to stay at home in the evening after a long day, people who don’t like exercise studios…. you get my drift. You’re all welcome!)
Somatics helps you to ‘meditate in movement’, as you observe, sense, change directions slightly, work with contrasts in effort, tempo and rest. All movements are non-acrobatic, within YOUR normal range of motion (usually smaller) and provide you with a high level of choice and decision making control.
There is no ‘follow a picture on a poster’ type of poses, but also no interpretative dance required. I will provide you with simple movement tasks to increase your body awareness.

It’s relaxing, it’s fun and it’s a life skill!

Upcoming course dates:

October 1st – 4 week course including 4x75min group lessons SUNDAY 11am as well as one 45min private lesson

November Tuesday evening, time TBC