Plans for the rest of 2017

What are your plans for the summer?

I will finish up my 6 week course this week with a class on walking smoothly (you can book a drop in class over at Book Now!). After that, I’m only available for 121 sessions for a while!

June will have some exciting weekends for me – I’m going to assist my teacher Martha Peterson in a Somatics Fundamentals weekend workshop in York, as well as a Somatic Exercise Coach training in Leeds – I am really looking forward to help out and observe and exchange thoughts with people at the beginning (and not so beginning) of their somatic journey. It is a great experience to observe such an experienced teacher like Martha while revisiting the basics (you can never revisit enough basics in any movement discipline – Ballet dancers start every daily training with it to hone and refine their learning) together with the participants. So I’m super excited!

I’ll have a little break in July to finish my papers on Somatic Philosophy as well as Neurophysiology and will be on my last stretch of my 3 year training in September. My certifying module will be in December and then I hopefully can call myself a Clinical Somatic Educator 🙂 I’m very grateful for all my teachers and mentors since I started in early 2014, fresh into motherhood, in pain, having to find my centre again with all these new challenges. All conversations – in tears, in rage, questioning, with meandering thoughts – with both my colleagues and everyone involved in the training have been influencing how I approach things since then. I appreciate the ‘ready when you are, but you have to get yourself ready’ attitude during our training, it makes me confident that we all can work with knowledge and professionalism and grow with each and every client we take on. Having teachers who are there for questions, when we hit a wall in our own practice or with a specific issue a client might be dealing with, is invaluable.

So, my year will be filled with intense bursts of somatic learning!

Of course I have sort of a wish list of things I want to make happen:

  • I would love to teach some self-care workshops in volunteering communities – if you are part of one, get in touch! I would love to share some strategies of tending to ourselves, slow down, experience what we share with others – feeling deeply cared for.
  • A weekend away with my partner and son 🙂
  • Some 3 hour workshops with a focus – tense shoulders was quite popular, so this might be something to go more into detail! Ideally in Dublin in a clean, warm, spacious studio.
  • Work with more clients over a period of time. If I can group some appointments, I can offer a cheaper rate for anyone who struggles financially.

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