Summer time

I’ve spent two long weekends over the last 3 weeks in Leeds and York, assisting and observing my teacher Martha Peterson on courses.

First up was the Fundamentals Immersion weekend, where I assisted hands on with my colleagues Karyn Clark, who graduated recently and Jahna Clark (not related!) who is one of my study colleagues. It was a big group full of inquisitive people, a lot of whom have experienced Somatic Movement before and wanted to delve deeper into the basics and theory / philosophy of it. It was a very active and satisfying weekend in lovely York.

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Essential Somatics Hanna Somatics Exercise Coach Level 2 training in Leeds

Yesterday I came back from observing a Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach Level 2 training in Leeds, which was taught by Martha Peterson and my Irish colleague Colm McDonnell, while Sylvia Jay and David Flemming as well as myself were observing the group of 10 teachers participating. We contributed to discussions and teaching tips, but there wasn’t as much hands on help needed, as all of the participants are already teaching Hanna Somatic Movement. We listened to some beautiful mini classes from each student and I think contributed in a meaningful way on their journey.

I have one more lunchtime class on offer tomorrow, before I have a break with classes. Fear not, I am planning some new classes in Harold’s Cross starting in autumn, besides some more exciting developments in the making. Right now I am to finish two papers, one on Neurophysiology and one on Somatic Philosophy as well as practice more with clients. Summer tends to be slower (and my son is not in creche, so I get to be a full time mum during the day and teaching Pilates in the evening), but I can work with a couple of clients and enjoy some time off too.

End of September will be my next module and my final one end of November will be followed by another teaching residency at Dance Ireland in December, which is a beautiful end of my working year and the first classes I will teach as a fully certified Clinical Hanna Somatic Educator! Half a year seems a very short time when you’re having fun..

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