121 lessons in Somatic Education

some weighted breathing after releasing the waist

I currently work with a few clients in a 121 setting. If you have thought about how to get the most out of your practice, you might want to book a series of sessions or once off tune-ups.

An hour of concentrated attention to the intricate details of your movements, honing in on your specific patterns that are unique to your way of doing things is what you can expect in a 121. While you can learn the basics in a group class, it will always be more generic than in a tailored lesson, where we can work out, rewind, repeat different parts of a pattern, differentiate a bit further before putting it back together again.We can share our thoughts on a movement (I can tell you what I see from the outside and provide some tactile feedback and you can let me know if that matches what you can sense), and concentrate on the bits that are either not moving as well as you want or the ones you can’t quite sense.

I currently work with clients with such different backgrounds as medical doctors, musicians, movement teachers, film directors, artists and busy grandmas, people recovering from surgery or wanting to avoid one.

I provide 121 lessons at my office off Pearse Street (we can discuss a time that suits), as well as off Camden Street (specific times – Monday 5pm, Tuesday 10-12 and 8.30pm, Wednesday 5pm, Saturday from 12.30pm). One 60min lesson is priced at 65€ and includes email follow up. You can find my price list here

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