Restorative Movement in September

I’ve just added a new class pass for my Friday morning restorative classes – head over to the In Person booking page to secure your place. The class will be held in Rathfarnham again on Fridays at 10am to send you off into a blissful and moving weekend!

The classes are suitable for everyone who wants to learn a compassionate, mindful, movement based self-care routine. We are so often running around helping others fulfill their dreams and intentions, it’s time to take some time out for yourself ( I’m looking at you mums of all ages!)

We are using Somatic Education to restore our movement potential, calm our nervous system, move without straining and reconnect to easeful and relaxed breathing. Somatic Education is something quite unlike other movement classes – you learn how to use less effort, tune into sensation and get immediate effects transferable to your every day movements.

I’ve done a lot of yoga and other movement classes, and this is the only thing that helps feeling relaxed! I also can finally walk in heels since I learned to move my hips in class!

Regain confidence in your movement and your abilities! Even if you have not joined classes before – we are a welcoming group of all ages, all sizes and backgrounds.

I only wish I started going to Katrin’s classes earlier!

Reclaim your health! Book your mat here

Full term (14 classes)

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