Improve your Breathing Workshop in September

exhausted parentsWe have one month of summer holidays left, parents! How is your stress management going? Do you get some time off for yourself between work, family holidays, summer camps and keeping kids entertained? Are you worried about a change of school or your child starting school or creche?

We all would like to be the zen parent who has control, but is flexible enough to adjust to new circumstances, while being creative and receptive and assertive and…..

We usually don’t have time to ourselves. Or take the time to start a change.
Let’s schedule in advance and do it bit by bit!

ribcageI have a Sunday morning workshop just for you, and as a little relaxation pick me up before the new school year starts. Find your calming Breath is all about our ability to use breath to soothe the nervous system, and create a whole list of benefits that go beyond better movement: more restful sleep, better digestion, better pelvic floor function, more energy, more relaxed upright posture – all through a very sustainable practice of attention, awareness and simple movements.


Come along and learn in a small group, walk out with knowledge you can use dotted throughout your day, whether you are working in the home or outside of it. Book your mat here!


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