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I have finalised a brand new class – Contemporary Dance for Children, starting September 12th. The class will be held in the beautiful hall of St Kevin’s Community Centre on Thursdays at 3pm.
Having taught contemporary and creative dance for years, I am excited to have found a space that is big enough but not a sterile sports hall, easy to get to in Portobello and also community run through a trust (the old church of St Kevins has been converted into apartments and the community space has a room as well as a hall).

I have taught children, teenagers and adults of all ages since 2000, and hold a first class honours MA in Contemporary Dance Performance from University of Limerick.

My vocational training at Erika Kluetz Schule in Hamburg included ballet, contemporary, Eastern European and Russian folk dance, Spanish dance, Jazz dance (vernacular and commercial), anatomy, methodology of teaching, pedagogy and psychology as well as music, dance history, improvisation and choreography.
Besides my work as a Pilates teacher and Somatic Educator, I am also currently training in Mindfulness for Children.

The class is aimed at children between 6-8 years, with some wiggle room either end. Children starting Junior infants are very welcome!

boy jumping

We will work with solo and group choreography created by me and the children (for themselves, as well as directing a small group), floor work and some technique (rolling, jumping, partner work), improvisation, different styles of music. We will draw inspiration from drawings, postcards, animals, emotions, geometry and what the kids can come up with!
There will be plenty of continuous group movement with some parts where the children have to wait their turn – my aim is to lead an enjoyable, creative and inclusive class.
I don’t use music from Disney films or similar in my classes, and prefer instrumental pieces which can range from classical music, contemporary electronic music, folklore to African drumming.

You can sign up your child here!

The dates:

September 12th – December 12th inclusive, 60min class weekly
Thursdays, 3pm
at St Kevin’s Community Centre (Bloomfield Ave, D8 / Portobello)

No regular class on Halloween, but a fancy dress dance party with parents (this day is not included in the course costs, 5€ per child on the day – fruit, drinks etc provided on the day)

Children between 6-8 years of age

Possibility of a second class at 4pm for children from 8 years depending on interest – please email me at !

110€ per child

St kevins community centre

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