Class updates for 2020

After a lot of discussions with clients, I decided to start up weekly morning classes again – for everyone who wants to join a group class but has experienced…

  • having to sit out exercises in Pilates or Yoga, feeling like wasting time and money
  • more frequent flare ups of pain and discomfort after a general, even ‘gentle’ exercise class
  • living with a low pain threshold that makes it frustrating to join a class
  • not finding a suitable class that was slow and gentle enough after injury or surgery

How to call the class? ‘Really gentle Movement class’? Restorative Movement? Sensible Movement? I’ll be teaching Somatic Movement.
It’s for people who need to get to know their bodies and movement again after becoming a parent, after long periods of pain, surgeries, injuries that change your sense of self and people living with persistent pain. It’s about practicing friendly reminders to let go when things feel safe. It’s not about poses and repertoire. There is no chanting or other spiritual practices involved. I won’t read out positive affirmations at the beginning of class. You don’t have to be fit, young, slim, athletic. You won’t sweat buckets. You will lie on a mat in different positions and gently move and become confident in your control again.

‘I have not felt that part of my body this way in a very long time. It does not hurt, it’s just part of me again.’

If you feel you neglected how you feel for a while, don’t feel connected to your body or parts of it, if you are fearful of movement because you experienced certain movements as dangerous or unsafe, this way of working will give you a way to reconnect, rediscover and reclaim yourself in movement.

The class is planned for Tuesday or Thursday morning around 10am in the Rathmines/Rathgar/Terenure area of Dublin.

Add you name to the list of interested tentative movers and I can let you know where and when we start!

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