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How the heck do I access my recordings?

This is for my valued regulars, who take class with me either on Tuesdays or Fridays!
You can register for my weekly classes by visiting ‘Live Classes’ and choose which class day you would like to join. Payment is by monthly subscription (minimum sign up it only one month and the subscription automatically ends after 3 months, after which I hope you stick around and sign up again of course).

Each subscription includes a 7 day replay of the classes taught, and below is a video of how to find those recordings. A lot of my students take the opportunity to revisit the class I taught, to continue their guided practice, so I want to walk you through how to get them!

In short:
Come here 😀 www.somadublin.com
Go to ‘On Demand Classes’
Wait for the class list to load and check if you are signed in to your account (if not, sign in!) – there will be a circle with your initial in it in the right upper corner of the scroll down window with the classes in it.
Click on the class you want to retake – it should be in the first row. These are the classes that disappear after 7 days.
When you click on that class, a page with a description will appear containing a ‘Download File’ button. Click that and voilá – your class will start playing!

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