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Somatic Strength starts again and more news

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It’s September, my unofficial start of the year – school is back after a long summer and autumn is suddenly there. Autumn and winter are the natural seasons to restore, save, nurture and bring attention inwards. So perfect for Somatic inquiries. While my summer is full of growing and generating ideas and taking time off, Autumn is the time to get the knits out, the second pair of socks on and cultivate rolling on the floor.

Somatic Strength, starting next Monday again at lunchtime / 1pm is a blend of what I love about Somatics and Pilates. Being soft with strength, resourceful and exuberant.
We release tension, then use our muscles to do exactly what we intend to do, we put the effect of pandiculations into practice straight away.
How does it feel to rotate without sinking? How good can a shoulderbridge feel when both halves of the back work together with harmonious involvement? How can we free up our extension and distribute the effort well without holding back?

Those are the kind of things I’m thinking of when teaching. Join me in class for the next 6 weeks and get an idea of how that feels in your own body. Mondays, 1pm / 45min / online
This class is also currently included in the monthly Somatic self-care subscription!

If you would like to get an idea of this work in person, I will also teach a 2hr Pilates and Yoga focused Somatics workshop at Live&Breathe Pilates on September 25th. This workshop is open to anyone who likes to practice Pilates, Yoga or any other movement disciplines where you need to sit tall, rotate freely, have movement in your hips and not get caught in old habits of bracing.

Friday morning 11am Somatic Self-care is the perfect class for anyone who feels stiff more often than wanted and just wants to lie down, move and enjoy an hour of soft responsibility (parents, remember when we only had ourselves to take care of..). This class welcomes you back into your body. Come as you are and leave feeling rested and taken care of.

My plan had been to offer an in person class again, which I put on the back burner for now – raising electricity prices and no warm, accessible spaces to rent and the fact that my class participants all are in different countries are part of the decision.
I am also starting the adventure of teaching 3 early mornings in my son’s school (2 movement, 1 sewing) and an after school crafting session too! It feels good to diversify a bit again – just like my garden 🙂

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