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Post Easter workshop!

After this Friday’s class we’re on a wee Easter break, but have a Saturday afternoon workshop lined up!
Better Breathing with Somatics will give you ideas and tools to improve your breathing by *doing less*.
I see a lot of ribcages (or rib baskets 😉 ) being stuck, either in an expanded umbrella shape, which usually goes together with tensing the belly and sides of the neck to breathe in, or a squished bracing which also uses the neck to lift the ribcage at least a tiny bit. Breathing effortlessly is neither of that 🙂
I can get you on the way of finding rest and mobility in your ribs again, relaxing the muscles that can hold them hostage and help you find your deep, soft and slow inhale and exhale without the additional work.

Join me online on Saturday April 15th at 2pm GMT+1 for 2 hours and enjoy some resourceful movement in 2 parts, ask questions and you even get additional audio recordings to continue your practice!

Find the sign up link on my ONLINE Workshops page!

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