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June Sunday School: Neck and Shoulder TLC

We’re back with a Neck and Shoulder focus by popular demand – join me on June 30th when schools are finished and we need to unwind to be ready for the summer weather that has been lurking around!

We will work with simple and powerful movements that help you to free the ribcage, neck and shoulders for smoother coordination, fuller and less laboured breathing and a calm mind.

The workshop runs for 90 minutes and costs a mere 26€. I want this to be inclusive, so I’m not putting the price up! Audio recording is included for every participant so you can practice the movements that worked well for you in your own time as often as you’d like to.

Join Neck and Shoulder TLC

Want to build a regular practice? Why not join my Tuesday evening class, online from the comfort of your home! We meet weekly in a small group and I guide through a 50-60min practice that harks back to basics, but also includes some creative variations and layered explorations. They’re always fun and you learn something new about your abilities every time you get on the floor! We have 3 classes left in June and will have 4 classes in July (excluding July 16th)

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