Somatics – what is it?

The word ‘somatic’ is somewhat a buzzword in various movement practices at the moment, so here is a definition of what Somatics is. Note that there is a difference between somatic and Somatics, the latter being what was defined by Thomas Hanna.

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The followings are Hanna’s dictionary definition. (Magazine-Journal ‘Somatics’)

SOMATICS n. Pl. (construed as singular) 1. The art and science of the inter-relational process between awareness, biological function and environment, all three factors being understood as a synergistic whole: the field of somatics. 2. The study of the soma, soma being the biological body of functions by which and through which awereness and environment are mediated. It is understood that the word soma designates any living organism, animal or plant. It is also understood that all such somas have, to some degree, the capacity for awareness (sensorium) of the environment and intentional action (motorium) in the enviroment. 3. In common usage somatics relates to somas of the human species, whose sensoria and motoria are relatively free from the determination of genetically fixed behavior patterns, thus allowing learning to determine the inter-relational process between awareness, biological function and environment. (Gk. Somaticos, soma, soma- body. F. somatique)

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