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Restoring Ease – Somatic Day Retreat

A day of mindful, pleasurable movement and learning!

Take a day to dive into Somatic Movement, refreshing your practice or learn new skills of how to ease your back and hips and soften your shoulders and neck through movement.

This day retreat at The Yoga Kitchen will be broken up by a delicious brunch at Two Pups Coffee, giving you time to reflect on the morning practice or simply have a chat with your fellow movers!

I will guide you through Somatic Education movements and sequences that restore your movement, your wellbeing and sensory awareness. It’s unlike any classes you might have taken in the past – we aim to peel away layers of effort, gaining clarity of habitual patterns and remind the brain of it’s control over movement, tension and connections.

Somatic Education is a process-oriented sensory awareness training you might call counter-cultural (and has been called that by Thomas Hanna since he came up with what I am teaching). It’s not about speed, loosing weight, looking better, getting fitter.
It’s about filling gaps in our awareness. It’s about being present to sensation, gravity, breath, tension, softness. It’s painting a more detailed inner landscape with richer colours.

Every body welcome. No level of fitness needed. You need to be able to lie down in the floor, and there are props available to make it comfortable for any shape.


October 20th

November 17th

December 15th

11 – 5

70€ incl food



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