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Truth shows up in movement

Some reflections on a discussion I had with one of my clients – so much to discover, so many things to reconnect to. I am grateful for my learning coming from working with people who are at a turning point of how they want to relate to themselves in the present and future. Who have discovered that past ideas of themselves, being brought upon them through the doing of others, is not who they are and not who they want to be anymore. Times are changing, allow yourself to be fluid!

You can talk all you want, but your authentic self is showing up when you move. Are you motivated by fear or joy? Is your movement curious or apprehensive? Do you have a colourful language when you move, know different shades and nuances or is there no difference?
Are you fearful of letting go?
Are you ready for change?

Avoiding pain, seeking pleasure, creating joy (I’ll trademark that – it was my theme for my last class I taught in my training!) My hope is that you feel free enough to create joy, instead of seeking one treatment after the other as a crutch but never really getting anywhere.

Clinical Somatic Education has a lot of overlap with life coaching. We take movement as a starting point to figure out the big stuff. Through movement, questions, discussions and practice. In your practice you make the connections you need to become clear about how to move forward and be present to yourself. It’s exhilarating and sometimes hard, you need to put some work in and you will reap benefits beyond learning how to move with more ease.

My clinical training lasted an intensive 3 years (and a year as a Somatic Movement teacher / Somatic Exercise Coach before that). I have worked with clients for years before I discovered Somatic Education, and this gentle but profound way of working has changed me and has made a difference in my clients who were ready for taking transformation into their own hands.*
*Don’t worry, I still start by teaching you how to move better and you are welcome to come simply because your back is always sore. It works, but this work can bring you so much further. ❤🤜

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