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High Anxiety – get started with movement for more ease

In my 10 years of teaching Somatic Movement Education, I came across many people with mild to severe, medicated anxiety. The physical expressions of this range from teeth grinding, restlessness or inability to move, strong muscular tension that holds the ribcage, neck and shoulders immobile, breath holding, pins and needles, etc. With the body always… Continue reading High Anxiety – get started with movement for more ease

Clinical Somatics

March: price structure change

From March 18th onward, my pricing structure will change to allow for a better learning experience that is thorough and provides a useful and successive build up of your knowledge. After evaluating the current length of my lessons, I have adjusted the time frame and fee to reflect better what I offer. With Somatic Education,… Continue reading March: price structure change

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Learn more about Essential Somatics

I am really proud to be a faculty member of Essential Somatics! This is a beautifully made small film about Essential Somatics, with my northern American colleagues, students and practitioners. I love watching ever single person I work with become more spacious, less guarding, more bubbly and more knowledgeable about themselves, their reactions to things,… Continue reading Learn more about Essential Somatics

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Regular schedule is back in September!

After a long summer break, I am back with my regular and updated schedule from the second week of September. You can book Somatics as well as Mobile&Strong lessons at SOMAdublin on Monday, Thursday and Friday morning, as well as Saturdays. Besides hands-on lessons, which last about 75min, I also have mat-based timeslots for you… Continue reading Regular schedule is back in September!

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Wellbeing after Breast Cancer

Since a few years, I have worked with women living with or having had surgery and treatments for breast cancer. I certified as a Pink Ribbon Pilates 'Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist' under progam founder Doreen Puglisi (USA) in 2015 to provide rehab classes for women affected and have used the knowledge since, while furthering it… Continue reading Wellbeing after Breast Cancer

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Help me help Women’s Aid

This week, we witnessed another horrific sexual domestic violence court decision. Too many perpetrators of domestic abuse walk out of court as free men because of their 'standing in his community, his good employment record' etc. (The employment record was mentioned as a positive in this last case, where a man dragged his ex-partner on… Continue reading Help me help Women’s Aid

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Truth shows up in movement

Some reflections on a discussion I had with one of my clients - so much to discover, so many things to reconnect to. I am grateful for my learning coming from working with people who are at a turning point of how they want to relate to themselves in the present and future. Who have… Continue reading Truth shows up in movement

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Restore your Movement class starting in September

What a summer we had! I hope you've been active and enjoyed the sunshine. We have a new weekly class coming up from September, where we explore the big and small movements that help us relieve back pain, neck discomfort, hip tension and tight legs. The classes run every week and can be booked as… Continue reading Restore your Movement class starting in September

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Explain Pain

I've been lucky to have had the opportunity in participating in an Explain Pain seminar this weekend, presented by Ben Davies (not the football player), a pain specialist with excellent presentation skills and a vast knowledge. The Explain Pain course is developed by the NOIgroup, Australia's leading pain science researchers. We were learning about how… Continue reading Explain Pain