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Help me help Women’s Aid

This week, we witnessed another horrific sexual domestic violence court decision. Too many perpetrators of domestic abuse walk out of court as free men because of their ‘standing in his community, his good employment record’ etc. (The employment record was mentioned as a positive in this last case, where a man dragged his ex-partner on her hair into the bedroom intending to rape her after she refused to have sex with him against payment. Yes, you read that just there.)*

It sickens me. It’s revolting. We need to do something.

If you book with me until the end of October, 20€ of your fee of each lesson is going to Women’s Aid

Terms and conditions: all lessons must be taken until December 20th and paid for at the time of booking.

I can donate this from lessons taken at SOMAdublin only, classes and workshops taught elsewhere are excluded. I am a one-mother-business.

My first Somatic Movement class after certifying as a Somatic Exercise Coach was in aid of Saoirse Women’s Refuge in Tallaght – we raised over 300€ back then which enabled a woman to buy a bed for her child and some more furniture in her new flat.

If you would like to join me in donating, but don’t care for a lesson (really?! ☺), here is the direct link:

Help me help other women and feel good in your own body too.

If you don’t know why this might be needed, please have a look at the report Women’s Aid have compiled. I could rant on about the state of women’s right to safety here, but for now, let’s start doing something.

* I know men can also be victims of DV. I’m happy to support your fundraising efforts for organisations that support men in this situation.

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