More than a movement class

Did you know that Somatics/Somatic Movement/Somatic Education is a stand alone practice? Thomas Hanna coined the field of Somatics (capital S) as practices that are concerned with the first person perspective of ourselves as a process.
A main difference between Somatic Education and an exercise class is the WHY. In an exercise class, you might want to tone, stretch or strengthen your body according to specific aesthetic ideas (like ‘strong, long and lean’ in Pilates, or super precise definition of muscles in bodybuilding). In all cases I can think of, there’s a result to strive towards – looking a certain way, being able to perform a repertoire of movements that might be categorised as ‘advanced’ etc. There’s an outside motivation.

Somatics takes a different approach. When working from a somatic perspective, we are concerned with the HOW of living. Thomas Hanna asked ‘how much human freedom is possible?’ How can we be free if we live our life shackled by habituation of thoughts, of movements and actions?
This is the starting point of inquiry. This is also why, when I am asked who this work is for, all I can say is EVERYONE. From someone highly skilled in one way of moving to anyone who works with physical challenges that are perceived as limitations.
Maybe your stress makes you compulsively overtrain in order to feel in charge. Maybe your hypercritical thinking floores and immobilises you, maybe it makes you anxious if you haven’t ‘worked hard enough’.

More than a movement class. We create a safe space to sense, explore possibilities without strain, force or goal. It’s a playful way of experiencing ourselves as whole, worthy of rest and curiosity. It’s reconnecting with what we left behind, it’s integration, respect and agency. Awakening and restoring ourselves.

We don’t need outside help from spiritual or religious artefacts or deities.

All we need is our permission to go somewhere without exactly knowing the way. We use movement to hold up a mirror to our thinking habits, fixing habits, movement habits, breathing habits, dissociation habits, emotional habits, reactive habits, habits of how we live our life.

Want to join me?

We start Friday at 10am for 6 weeks leading up to the holidays. If you don’t feel different about yourself by Christmas amd didn’t have at least one discovery of what you habitually do, you get a free workshop in 2019.

Bring a friend and both of you save!

2 bundles available – register for yourself and a friend and pay only 160€ together.

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