Impermanence | Renewal

everything is growing and dying and growing and dying.. Shed what doesn’t serve you anymore.
Old compensation patterns? You had a injury and since then some persistent aches and pains that you are trying to get used to?
Are you approaching challenges the same way over and over again expecting a different outcome?

Look at these flowers. They bloom and continue to grow buds in abundance once you take out the old ones. They can be seen as a metaphor of your nervous system. It has the power to renew itself and conscious movement can help with that.
You can stay agile and free in movement only if you keep the variety of moving in many different ways with awareness. You can encourage new patterns, forgotten patterns and more choices in movement by paying attention to the ones that hold you hostage.

Join me from November 9th at Rathmines Collective for 6 weeks to find your full movement potential again.

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