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I'm really enjoying @drdansiegel course on @insighttimer meditation app it's part of the premium subscription together with all the other courses! Insight timer has a lot of beautiful guided meditations amd the categories help to minimize stumbling into things like chakras (or help you to find out more 😉 ) go and check it out! Dr. Siegel's work of Interpersonal Neurobiology helps me create more clarity in my language about integration and self-organisation. I use his words of rigidity and chaos, differentiation amd integration, as they match and expand perfectly what we are working with in Clinical Somatic Education. Clients come with a sense of rigidity or fuzzy chaos in their movement and their being, and we use guided gentle movement to integrate all parts into a harmonious flow that grows from the inside rather than being introduced from the outside. It's a wonderful dance that continues to expand and contract throughout our lives. Looking forward to his seminar in June here in Dublin too! I was waiting for the opportunity to learn and listen, and this year it will happen 🙇‍♀️👏👏

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