‘It feels so good!’

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I love to hear this and I'm happy to say I hear this quite often after a Clinical Somatics lesson 🙂 I worked with a client this week who, upon bringing their attention to the way the pelvis and ribcage move in walking, said that there never was any rotation or much movement in the torso or arms. We concentrated on regaining control over tightness in the front, and low and behold, when getting off the table, the pelvis was gently swaying from side to side in walking. The sense was one of freedom and unfamiliarity, and mobility without feeling unstable. Perfect! All we want is give the brain an impression of what is possible without applying outside force. The home practice movements are there to reinforce this sense of control and integration. It's not the practitioner that does the work, it's YOU! And you get to go dancing when you feel like it!

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