Incontinence awareness month

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Male incontinence We are in Germany at the moment and I couldn't fit all the incontinence pads in the picture, so I focussed on something I haven't seen in Ireland yet – incontinence pads for men, of course with a 'manly design'. Did you know that pelvic floor exercises are not only for new mums? Men have a pelvic floor like women do, they 'just' lack the vaginal opening, are less likely to have a pelvic organ prolapse, but can get hernias and prostate issues instead. We all need to manage our intra-abdominal pressure, breathe well and know how to relax and contract our musculature. We don't need more incontinence pads and maybe more knowledge of how we use our bodies! * there can be neurological issues of course that warrant the use of these pads and other medical conditions where pads give a better quality of life. Always get checked by a urologist, neurology trained physio therapist or women's/men's health physio to know better about your individual health needs!

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