Heads up – Beyond Kegels back in September!

I have planned a new installment of the pelvic floor health workshops beginning in September.

They will comprise of 2 dates, one building a foundation of knowledge, both through movement and visualisation, the second part will include more related movements for torso and pelvic girdle.
The aim of the 2 part workshop is to give you a good foundation in anatomical knowledge (no previous learning experience necessary!), different ways to engage the pelvic floor muscles, red flags and movement contraindications (when should you see a medical professional and what kind of movements you might want to ease off a bit), strengthening exercises for supporting muscles, breathwork and mobility. Padded out with some information about voice, digestion, toilet use and how Somatic education fits into the picture.

You will also receive written material and I hope to build up a little library with movement videos for you to use (eventually being assembled into a self-paced online workshop offer). I absolutely loved preparing this workshop, as I could use all threads of my training – dance and imagery, anatomy, Pilates, women’s wellbeing and Essential Somatic Education.

Group size is a maximum of 5 and the workshop is designed to be compact and comprehensive, with lecture/discussion and practical sections.

It is taught in 2 parts, because we need time to integrate, practice, notice. Then come back refreshed and with more insight a week or 2 later and build on the knowledge from part 1 and your daily observations.

While some general fitness classes might include pelvic floor friendly movements, there’s never enough time to elaborate.
This workshop will give you enough knowledge you can apply to your sports training, Yoga, Pilates, etc, even if your teacher does not specifically cue or mention the pelvic floor.
This kind of information is not part of most movement teacher trainings and is generally delivered as continued education for fitness and movement professionals (which is self-selected), so chances are you will know more than most movement teachers.

Dates will be announced soon, email me with your suggestions!
Have a group of 4 or 5 friends and want to book the workshop? Let’s arrange a date! It is possible for me to come to you as well. Email me for info.

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