Learning, learning, learning

I’m super excited about my upcoming Continued Education course I signed up for with the Noi group called Mobilisation of the Neuroimmune System. The course is for manual therapists (while I am not a therapist, I work hands on with clients in a similar manner) and explores, together with the underlying latest refined research about pain and the nervous (and all other systems, as everything works together on a continuum rather than separately) system in the context of hands on manual work.

The prerequisite reading is fascinating, and I’m glad I have participated in the Explain Pain training 2 years ago, so I’m not too overwhelmed by the jargon and chemistry. I am also really interested to look at movement which is very similar or dare I say the same as what we teach in Somatic Education, from a new and updated perspective. The visual of flossing the nerves in their channels, how they stretch and move adds another layer to point out to my clients – when we move, we move everything!

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