Weekly Wellness classes at Dance Ireland

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Love Dublin in the autumn sun, everything is glistening! Love teaching a class of dancers @danceireland_di today too, working on…working less, yawning more, resting better. Sustainable supporting practices are so important for professional dancers and choreographers, usually juggling everything from making actual work, liaising with colleagues, marketing, bookkeeping, producing, fundraising, networking, training, rehearsing, raising a family…. always giving 100% is exhausting. Somatic Education as developed by Thomas Hanna provides an easy to integrate restorative movement process that aids the ability to switch off when possible, restore rest, release tension, reorganise and reassess ourselves and our action. We can touch on questions like Is my identity as a dancer creating creative freedom or is it hindering the full expression of my being? (Are we human…or are we dancers..🦄) Do we really need to push and force when we look for expansive movement or is it limiting us? Hanna's approach to Somatic Education has so much to offer to professional movers, beyond injury prevention and rehabilitation! Move smarter, move for longer 💪 Class will be back next two Wednesdays at noon (next week after ballet morning class!), open to everyone who likes to yawn themselves out!

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