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March: price structure change

From March 18th onward, my pricing structure will change to allow for a better learning experience that is thorough and provides a useful and successive build up of your knowledge. After evaluating the current length of my lessons, I have adjusted the time frame and fee to reflect better what I offer.

With Somatic Education, I’m in the teaching realm more than the bodywork universe. I’m not the person to turn to for regular sessions over years to ‘fix’ a recurring problem. With Hanna’s work in particular and being led by current research, I focus on a time restricted intervention over a number of weeks that has a strong learning component, a lot of curious exploration and an emphasis on self-efficacy, ie the ability to manage different physical states of ourselves independently from a therapist/practitioner. In other words, I want you to know what I know and use that information on your own. While it’s not the best business model to try to make myself as irrelevant in your future as possible, it brings me a lot of joy and excitement to not see my clients over and over again!

Starting with an extension of the Initial Introduction session to 2h means we get plenty of time to discuss any questions you might have, clarify what might be useful to focus on while still having ample time to get enough movement into the lesson to give you your first home practice and a taste of what is possible with a number of meetings.

After that (or without the Intro if you choose so), you are invited to schedule a series of 6 or 8 lessons. These lessons are a tailored educational coaching series drawing from my experience of 2 decades of movement teaching including Somatic education in Thomas Hanna’s tradition, Pilates, women’s health and wellbeing, cancer rehabilitation through exercise, trauma informed education, and courses like Explain pain and mobilization of the neuro-immune system by Noi group. My approach is research-led and experiential, and although I’m a movement educator, not a therapist, I do my best to stay up to date with research about interoceptive awareness, pain science, trauma research and behavioural sciences.
We will work together with focus on increasing your functional capacities: your mobility and body awareness, your resilience to stress and anxiety, your breathing capacity and fine motor skills, hone your sports performance or get you back moving after surgery or injury. This process takes some time and practice, but your dedication to moving and feeling better will pay off. I will support you throughout the series with emails and resources to keep you on track.
This offer and my training and qualification background is unique – what also sets my work apart from other modalities is that I don’t want to rope you in for weekly sessions for a drawn out period of time beyond the 6-8 weeks (like years of going to manual therapy or massage for the same issue, or methods and therapies that have a structural approach rather than looking at function – anything that tells you something is ‘out of alignment’ which needs frequent correction or manual adjustments…why? have a look here). Somatic Education is all about empowering YOU with self-management tools for your wellbeing and ability to move freely. It is also a lot less expensive than relying on multiple therapists to fix you.

The series of lessons comprises of 6 or 8 75 min sessions absolutely tailored to your individual needs. We work together on transferable skills that get you through your day with more energy and less aches and pains.
If you ever feel frequently bothered by stiff shoulders, achy back muscles, spasms, decreased range of motion in hips or shoulders, tense jaw muscles, tension headaches, being stressed out, suffering from low energy, being overtrained or undertrained, not quite in control etc, you will be well equipped with self-care movements specific to your patterns of bracing that get you out of discomfort fast. My enthusiasm to help you get pain free knows no bounds and I share what I have to offer freely with my clients in a holistic way through movement.

Sign up for the 6 and 8 lesson series will open after St Patrick’s day weekend. This is also the date where single one to one appointments will be phased out as the regular way of booking 121 lessons with me.

Need a refresher? Have a look at the 3×45 min Mobile and Strong sessions, which are movement only (not hands on) to give you more ideas of what to work on at home. These lessons are also great if you don’t want to commit to a full 6-8 week series.

Only looking for a once off lesson from time to time that might focus more on the manual aspects / bodywork type techniques without so much of a teaching component? I know how you feel! Please get in touch with me to arrange your 60min manual movement lesson.

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