Weekly class soon at Yoga Dublin Rathmines

IMG_20200204_132108_251.jpgI have teamed up with the local Yoga Dublin studio to continue offering my weekly Somatic Education class. After realising that the studio at Swan Leisure Centre is too cold and noisy, I am very happy that we can continue the class in the current format of a block of classes at a time and hopefully establish a course that gives people the opportunity to practice regularly in a warm space.

You will soon be able to sign up to a 3 week trial starting on March 19th and going up to Easter, and because it’s a morning class and us parents are already running from a to b during the Easter break, we will continue with the 6 week block after the school break. From here I would love to run the class in 6 week blocks, numbers permitting. There will be a mix of basics and special focus classes, so each block will offer some new input, even if you have done classes previously.

While there is a lot of Somatic Yoga on offer these days (and generally ‘somatic’ or ‘mindful’ is used for everything), it’s hard to find a Somatic Education class that follows Thomas Hanna’s teaching as a stand alone practice. I want to provide a weekly class that is accessible to a variety of abilities and levels of mobility, age inclusive and focused on gentle and generous movement.

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