Fresh Cycle of At Home Classes starting!

The sense of new and weird has shifted to getting on with it for me (will the schools ever open again and how do I break to my son that he WILL have to go back to school at some stage?!), as I start a second 4 week cycle of Somatic Movement classes. We’ll be restricted in our movements outside the house, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore our freedom within.
Enjoy practicing your active rest and hone your somatic awareness. Find respite from the chaos by creating clarity from within through movement.
Friday 11am (60min drop in)
Tuesday 10.30am (45min /4 weeks)
Wednesday 7.00pm (60min drop in)

Somatic Education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna is a neuromuscular re-education that goes deep. Clarify your movements and habits, then practice making better movement choices that are efficient and reveal your grace and groundedness. Hanna’s work has a deep foundation in pragmatic secular philosophy and nurtures our curiosity and kindness, getting us ready to choose our actions with skillful attention.

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