Updated list of online classes

How is everyone doing at the start of the ‘proper’ lockdown? I feel more settled into the online teaching and my ease has returned. The first few days after I had to close, my jaw was tight and achy. As soon as I made a plan and got things set up, I started feeling more security again and my jaw tension disappeared thankfully.

Somatic Movement lends itself so beautifully to online teaching that I’m determined to keep it going (look at my list of good reasons to join here ). Especially for us introverts, parents or less mobile folks online live classes are a fantastic opportunity to stay connected, stay accountable to our practice while getting fresh ideas, and not having to leave the house (saving a lot of travel time and expenses!)

As many have asked me about an evening class, I have updated my schedule, not only with daytime 121 slots to book, but also with a class on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

The full schedule looks like this… These are all Somatics classes, open to anyone and tailored to who is in class with a focus on active rest, good breathing and enjoyment of movement):

Tuesday morning 10.30am (next block of 4 classes starts April 21st) 40min
NEW! Tuesday evening 7.30pm Drop in class 40min
NEW! Wednesday morning 9.30am drop in class 40min
Thursday morning 10am (next block of 4 classes starts April 16th) 40min
Friday morning 11am Drop in class 60min

I hope the times suit you and you can make time to join me!

See full schedule and book here

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