Schedule changes and class packages

I have adjusted my schedule of classes and upgraded my booking system!

You can now choose from Monday 6pm (starting May 18th), Wednesday 7pm, Thursday 10am or Friday 11am. Classes are 60min apart from Thursday (class is about 50min).

All classes are drop in classes, which means you can book them individually. Most people like a bit more structure and continuous practice, so they book into the same class every week. To make pricing for everyone who commits to a regular practice a bit fairer, I have added class packages – 4 classes over 5 weeks or 8 classes over 8 weeks. Thursday morning even has a subscription!

My teaching of Thomas Hanna’s work is driven by curiosity rather than judgement or aim at correcting posture (which would be a short sighted application of the work!), seeking to understand who we have to come to embody* our current shape (and if it’s what we want to embody), evaluate it and then practice different ways of being. Movements in every class are basic human movements. Sometimes they seem brand new to us, or unrecognizable because of our habits of moving in a different way. Don’t worry, with some practice, more and more different ways of moving become embodied and we feels more in control, more upright and grounded, more mobile and less trapped in our habits.

Of course it is a practice, which involves ‘thinking through movement’, so book a series of classes to feel the benefits of taking stress away from your day, and freeing up your movmeent so you can add more of what you love.

Find the packages here


*embodiment is not only insight or mindfulness, but insight turned into action

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