What is pain?

I love this lecture by Prof. Lorimer Moseley and I’m always happy to watch any of his talks and lectures again. Pain is an emerging experience made up of many different factors, which is an important bit of knowledge to have. We can modify a lot of the factors thankfully and while it means understanding and questioning our narratives, changing habits of diet, sleep and rest, it has been shown that changes in one area make changes in other areas easier to achieve.

Somatic Education fits into this multifaceted approach by providing a way back into movement when movement feels threatening and puts you on high alert (bracing all over). We can learn again that we can trust our body and our amazing self-regulating processes. We can think of slowly peeling away layers of learned fear-behaviour to come closer to our free, well-regulated state, that can change from rest to activation without chaos. Thomas Hanna talked about Somatic Education as getting us ready for actions we love and that have meaning to us. Let’s start!

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