Want to learn more about Breath and Pelvic Floor?

Or how about Rotation? I have added two workshop classes!

Breath and your Pelvic Floor is a 90 min class exploring how our diaphragms relate and what we can do to lessen pressure and tension in our pelvic floor. Strained breathing, breath holding and abdominal tension are some of the hindrances we can get into the habit of recreating. We have an arsenal of gentle movements we can work with to understand the relations more clearly.

This workshop is suitable for everyone, not only post-partum participants (often the only time when we start thinking about the pelvic floor!).

Breath and your Pelvic Floor will happen via zoom, from the comfort of your home. You are welcome to be interactive in the class (video on), or if you feel more comfortable not to be seen, you are welcome to keep the video off – either way you will be able to see me and receive an audio recording of the workshop too. Date is July 18th at 10.30am – allow for time until about 12.15pm!

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We’re ‘Made to Rotate’ – I used this exclamation in one of my private lessons and promised I’d make it into a workshop, so you can join me on July 25th at 10.30am for some time to improve your rotation! As bipedal mammals, we have the unique ability to turn and twist our bodies to scan the environment around us. With more and more tech use, spending more time doing very movement limited things like working on a computer, driving, etc, we loose our ability to rotate at different speeds and to varying degrees.

This workshop will bring back the joy of rotating with a gentle build up of simple to more elaborate movements. My Somatics at Home classes are delievered via zoom.

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