Audio class subscription starting in February!

I hope your transition into 2021 will be smooth and you have a healthy and content year ahead of you. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we all need to make things work and that it’s important to prioritise. I focused on teaching live group classes, although my fingers were itching to dip them into all sorts of channels to share my work. With new Foundation courses starting next week I will roll out my audio subscription of recorded classes in February.
I have quite a library now and while I was considering using patreon at first, I will share the audio recordings straight from my website – you will be able to subscribe for a fee and get a regular class sent straight to your inbox! There will be 2 tiers, so you can choose between a weekly or a bi-weekly class to support your home practice, as well as specialty workshops thrown in.

I love using recordings to learn from different teachers myself, but sometimes they feel a bit flat if not taught to an actual group of people – the timing of rest seems too short or the instructions are too fast.. That’s why you get an unedited, real class taught to real participants from me. All you have to do is turn up the volume, lie down and explore with me – but on your schedule!
I am looking forward to sharing my work with more of you in 2021!

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