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February is the new January and supple shoulders is still a goal!

Well that year started with a bang here in Ireland…. full lockdown, schools closed, hospitals filling at a rapid speed and we led with the highest rate of new infections with covid-19 (in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about) WORLDWIDE. Not something you want to win at. It means that a lot of people still work from home, still work at their kitchen table if they have one and still finish the day with discomfort, aches and pains fuelled by constant zoom meetings, stressing about the future, not enough movement and a diet of snacks (pain is always multi-factorial). Also who else works way longer at home than they would in their office/place of work? Who else stays up late because it’s the only time that is quiet at home (parents, I’m looking at us!)

Cue my new course offer that will solve all your problems (not. Well, it’ll solve one)

Freedom from Sore Shoulders is a 5 week, early evening course that gives you an excuse to be finished with work on time (‘I have another meeting at 5.30 and I can’t change the time!’) and which focuses on – you guessed it – relieving nagging shoulder pain.

We will work with super simple movements with which we can test out our ability to move freely and release any restrictions that contribute to shoulder and neck pain (like tightly held anxious armpits).
Keeping it simple will allow us to focus our intention in Somatic Movements rather than having to remember a lot of different movements specific to a niggle, because really, who needs more stuff to remember these days?!
In Freedom from Sore Shoulders, I will share my go to movements tried and tested in hundreds of sessions with clients of all walks of life that banish tightness and discomfort – no foamroller, digging into muscles, spikey balls or any other tortorous short term relief machines in sight.

Why join this course?
+ learning how tensions form a pattern in our body and how to release really the last bit of it is an amazing life skill
+ no equipment needed beyond a comfy pillow and something to lie on the floor on (a blanket or exercise mat)
+ the way Somatic Education is taught makes it unnecessary to look at the screen – the class really is downtime for you, not adding to the pile of stress we’re all dealing with at the moment!
+ I verbally guide you making sure you are not getting lost in any sort of highly complicated choreography… you can fully relax into sensing movement and learning about yourself and your holding habits in an interesting, curious and relaxed way. There is no wrong way to do it.
+ the movements and principles we will use are hugely beneficial for all your chosen workouts, crafting, walking, running or any other playing you do to let off steam. For example you might love Pilates, but haven’t figured out how to comfortably raise your head off the ground – this is really simple to change if you know how. You will learn how. You will learn prepartory movements that let you really get the benefits of strengthening routines (because you get out of your own way, muscularly speaking)
+it’s fun!

We start February 1st at 5.30pm, with the last class on March 1st and it’s already filling up – I have an absolute maximum of 12 spaces available (I don’t do webinar classes with 50 people in it!). The course includes helpful recordings along the way for you to keep for reference.

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