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My first 7 years of Somatic Education

It’s been 7 years now that I deeply immersed myself into Somatic Movement practice and teaching and I am so delighted to pass on what I learn along the way to new cohorts of Essential Somatics teachers for the last few years! This was me as an example of how to do a standing assessment in my Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach training – what you can’t see is that I was 5 month post partum and had constant pain in what should be restful positions (like lying on the floor) – because my back was so tight I couldn’t actually locate it properly anymore or knew what I was doing with it – my focus was on breastfeeding our baby and getting sleep (and I was back teaching Pilates again too). Turned out my years of movement knowledge were pretty useless at that point, as I could not *perceive* the habitual tension anymore, my perception of my moving body was limited to what I could move well – which didn’t include my back, so I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong there. Forward 3 days of learning and one hands-on assisted pandiculation and I was comfortable again and ‘had my back back’. This work doesn’t tire to amaze me and I am beyond grateful that my path brought me to Essential Somatics and can call my dear teachers colleagues now! Thanks for being on the journey with me 🦥 Image description Katrin standing with the back to the camera, Martha standing in front of her with more students watching, while she points out what to look at during a standing assessment. / @essentialsomatics Martha Peterson looking at my shoulder March 2014, Bensheim (in our old post office turned beautiful yoga studio @yvonneelrikabi ) #somatics #somaticstraining #bensheim #dublin #7 yearcycle #learning #movement #yoga #Pilates #pain #postpartum #movementteacher https://www.instagram.com/p/CMjq6i-HXKA/?igshid=11v1f8hkcq13x

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