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New platform is coming!

I am working on some tech in the background and am excited to announce that I am changing my platform! There will be the opportunity to listen to classes on demand, join my library with a monthly subscription, book classes across my offers with a class pass and do self-paced courses all in one place.
After I spent over a year weighing all my options (which all involved either using several providers, email lists, etc), I came across arketa. It’s built with a visible input of instructors and ticks all the boxes for me. So you can imagine the excitement and long evenings and mornings (I really love tech!) spent slowly filling my treasure chest to have it all ready for launch in mid November.

The November course Somatic Hip Health can be booked from this weekend – I am adding my supporting material to it after class this morning and you will find the recordings, pdfs, and additional movement tutorials all in one place!

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