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Upcoming Sunday School: from wonky to glowing!

On Sunday May 19th we will concentrate on our wonderful hips: ease tension, improve coordination between the spine and the pelvis, down into the legs and feet. This online workshop class is 'adventurous beginner' friendly - if you have never done a Somatics Movement class, be prepared to slow down, work less and stay curious… Continue reading Upcoming Sunday School: from wonky to glowing!

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New platform is coming!

I am working on some tech in the background and am excited to announce that I am changing my platform! There will be the opportunity to listen to classes on demand, join my library with a monthly subscription, book classes across my offers with a class pass and do self-paced courses all in one place.After… Continue reading New platform is coming!

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Take time to learn something useful this February

Lockdown 3... how are you faring? Still looking forward to 'going back to normal' or has it sunken in that things are different now and will be different in the future? When we use old strategies that don't match new circumstances, life gets harder. If I keep expecting to go back to in person classes… Continue reading Take time to learn something useful this February


New to Pilates or in need of a fresh start?

If you are new to Pilates and want to start with a sustainable program that is tailored to your needs and goals, take advantage of the Mobile&Strong series. We build a sensible foundation for movement through breath work, basic mat Pilates exercises and Somatic Education, and gradually build up strength. Videos of the movements will help… Continue reading New to Pilates or in need of a fresh start?


Somatics for Pilates in September

Are you practicing Pilates for a while without getting the benefits you think you should be able to feel already? Were you told to start Pilates to avoid back pain, to ease your shoulder tension or improve your flexibility? While Pilates is an excellent way of strengthening, the instructor in a group class often can't… Continue reading Somatics for Pilates in September


Beyond Kegels workshop

Beyond Kegels Breath, Strength and Ease for your Pelvic Floor In this compact 2h workshop, we will work on different support strategies for the pelvic floor muscles. We will draw from somatic awareness, different breathing techniques and their effect on the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening of the surrounding muscles (yes, you will do some squats!),… Continue reading Beyond Kegels workshop