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Essential Somatics Fundamentals Weekend | March 9th/10th

I am delighted to announce that I will teach an Essential Somatics Fundamentals Weekend together with my colleague Colm McDonnell. We both are involved in the Essential Somatics Movement Teacher training for a while now as trainers, and are really looking forward to sharing this rich and exiting weekend course with you. The weekend course runs on March 9th and 10th from 9-5pm

We will work at Oscailt on Pembroke Road, D4. Find out more and book your space by clicking the logo below!
I often get asked about joining the teacher training! If you are interested in taking the teacher training, the Fundamentals weekend is part of the required learning to get you started.
Take advantage of having 2 experienced Clinical Somatic Educators at hand to get into the groove of practicing Essential Somatics. It is a life-changing practice for many, and enjoyable too!

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn over the 2 days:

Day 1


  • Understand how new-to-you concepts (somatics, pandiculation, sensory motor amnesia) work better than other methods.
  • Discover how personal responses contribute to stress and muscle tension
  • Identify your own pattern of Sensory Motor Amnesia
  • Experience the benefits of nature’s reset button (pandiculation)


  • Experience and identify the stress reflexes: Green Light, Red Light
  • Learn movements to release the front and back of the body, and release tension in the periphery
  • Learn movements to improve rotation, reconnect to your legs, and breathe more easily

Day 2


  • Uncover how your brain develops habits
  • Connect with a new awareness of your body and your habits
  • Interactive group sharing that lead to learning moments
  • Identify principles and strategies for self-care
  • Create your personal daily practice


  • Discover a-ha moments in your movement and awareness
  • Experience seated movement for At-Work Strategies
  • Experience and identify the stress reflex: Trauma
  • Learn walking movements to restore a free and easy gait

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