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Give the gift of self-directed learning

For my course starting January 8th 2018, I will also have the recorded audio from every class on offer – together with a 45min video call one to one as a package!


Who is this for?

My class in on a Monday morning at 10am, so not everyone is able to come to it. But if you like the flow of a live class rather than a pre-recorded session (which can get a bit dull in my opinion – often too fast, the teacher not that engaged and mainly concerned with not messing up the script 😉 ), this audio series is for you.

You receive the recording of the class every week for 8 weeks starting January 8th. Classes are progressively building up over the 8 week course, and you can practice them and repeat them at your leisure, without the pressure of schedules and timetables added to your day.

This way you can find out which time of the day suits you best for your practice, where is the best place and how can you make it a habit to not have to go to a different place to give yourself some restorative me time. This is also an excellent option for private clients, who cannot come to a class, but have some basics they want to put into an ongoing home practice.

The class content will be uploaded together with some written material with exclusive access to course participants (both live and audio only).

Best of all, if you sign up until December 31st, you can get 25€ off pre-launch discount by using ChristmasAudio in your check out!

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