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Next up – Somatics Series at Live and Breathe Pilates April | May| June 2018


After spending my Saturday at CalisthenFit in Drumcondra, teaching a lovely bunch of people how to release neck and shoulders and working with another group on their hips 2 weeks ago, I am delighted to present another series of workshop classes at my Pilates home Live&Breathe Pilates on Camden Row.

Last year’s series was a great introduction for everyone struggling with different recurring niggles and pains in neck and shoulders, back and hips, and this time we keep the same format. A themed longer class for you to nurture your inner alignment, destress and learn comfortably about reflexive movement patterns and how to use this knowledge to ease tension and free your body.

We start with Taut Back on April 28th, followed by Tense Hips on May 12th and finally Tight Shoulders on June 16th.

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