Beyond Kegels workshop

Beyond Kegels
Breath, Strength and Ease for your Pelvic Floor

In this compact 2h workshop, we will work on different support strategies for the pelvic floor muscles.
We will draw from somatic awareness, different breathing techniques and their effect on the pelvic floor muscles, strengthening of the surrounding muscles (yes, you will do some squats!), vocalisations and good toileting!

My experience in teaching Somatic Education as well as Pilates and training with Michelle Lyons, Jenny Burrell and other education providers have given me valuable insights in how the relaxing and restoring quality of Somatic Education can be woven together with a traditional strength oriented program for pelvic floor function. Free breathing is one paramount function that needs to be restored in order for the pelvic floor to move within its full range of contraction, resting length and lengthening/yielding.

Join me for 2 hours and explore how to integrate your pelvic floor in a holistic way.


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