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Regular schedule is back in September!

After a long summer break, I am back with my regular and updated schedule from the second week of September.

You can book Somatics as well as Mobile&Strong lessons at SOMAdublin on Monday, Thursday and Friday morning, as well as Saturdays. Besides hands-on lessons, which last about 75min, I also have mat-based timeslots for you – 45min lessons to get your home practice a refresher, add some strength and conditioning and take your somatic practice to the next level. The 3x45min Mobile&Strong series is also perfect if you want to work on Pilates based movement for a home practice, or if you want to develop your movement after surgery and physiotherapy.
I am happy to offer duet lessons, for everyone who needs some accountability with a friend!

Tuesday and Wednesday morning you can find me at Live&Breathe Pilates on Camden Row – contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment there, where we can also work on a reformer. Please note that while we can work on your somatic practice on these days, there might be other private lessons or group lessons going on at the same time, so if you prefer to work on your own to concentrate, book on one of the other available days.

I have finally added a Wellbeing during and after Breastcancer series to my booking schedule. I find 45min lessons are short enough to not be too taxing and long enough to properly work. The lessons are appropriate for you if you are currently having chemotherapy, radiation, after surgery and also well after any invasive medical treatments and are centred around breathing, ownership, awareness and just not being a patient for 2 weekly lessons.
Payment plans are available for this, please contact me for details.

September is always a good time for some introspection, so if you feel like using movement as your vehicle, I welcome you into my space where we can explore with curiosity!


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