Stay home, stay well – class(es) now online

With the new guidelines of practicing social distancing if possible and the fact that a lot of my clients and students travel by public transport to my class and appointments, I decided to shift my group classes to video conferencing. How does it work?

I use zoom, a conferencing software that allows me to see everyone in class (if you so choose), wherever you decide to join in. You need some floor space obviously, your smartphone or laptop set up so I can see you move, if you would like feedback during class and you’re good to go, after downloading the software.

When you sign up for a block of 4 classes, you also will receive the audio recording of the classes for you to listen to again if you want to deepen your practice a bit more (first round of class only!)

A weekly class is great if you get anxious from having to stay at home, and might help you to soothe your nerves while establishing the idea of practicing Somatics at home.

Depending on numbers, I’m happy to add another daytime class.

All in person 121 appointments are going to be cancelled until school is back to limit/avoid possible exposure. I am happy to work with you via zoom or skype for an individualised lesson.

Find all classes here!

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