Foundations of Somatics starts this week!

I’m delighted to start a new 8 week course in Foundations of Somatics this Friday at 10am – this course is aimed at total beginners or anyone who would like to go back to basics.
We will go a bit deeper into each movement to fully understand what it is about, so we are able to utilise it according to our needs (one thing I don’t want is you coming to classes without knowing what to do in between classes!).
Somatic Education is all about learning and the way to learn is to be comfortable and at ease in a familiar space. As the course is taught online, I hope you can find a space that makes you feel comfortable, without having to travel to a class and rush back into everyday life. This is particularly helpful for anyone who has limited energy, limited mobility or needs an affordable way to participate in a class.

All my classes are small groups, so I get to know your movement well and can guide you appropriately. All you need is some space on the floor with a blanket/mat, some cushions and a working internet connection on your phone or laptop.
I’m looking forward to new faces in our little community!

Click on the image below to get to the sign up page!

Foundations of Somatics starts this Friday September 11th 2020

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