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What’s in store for 24?

As we have entered the darkest part ofthe year and looking forward to midwinter this month, I have started dreaming up what I will offer in 2024.

We had so much fun in the ballet classes, so inquiries have been made and I have found a local space I can offer a ballet class in, for adult beginners. I’m very much looking forward to it! It’ll be a Sunday afternoon class, so the space had to be local to me, so it’ll be in Rathmines, easy to get to by public transport.

Having a regular space on a Sunday afternoon will also allow me to get back teaching in person workshops. I envision offering the ballet classes in 4 week groups and have a Somatics workshop every 5 weeks in between. I think it would be a nice rhythm as it means the Somatics workshop will travel through the months instead of always hitting the same weekend.
I will also assist on the first module of the Essential Somatics movement teacher training in January, as well as starting the 6 months of mentoring a group of the new students again for the 6th or 7th time.
For the weekly online practice, I will change the time to Tuesday 5.30pm most likely, with possibility to add a Monday morning session if there is enough interest. These classes will be 50min long from now on, enough time to go deep and leaving you some time to reflect after, before going back to the rest of your day.
That way, I can teach a class series on Tuesday evening: Pelvic Health, Deep Rest, Breathing for more energy (informed by Somatics and Buteyko), etc. The class series will run for 3-4 weeks, so there will be a continuous offer and you’ll have 2 or so opportunities per year to take the classes.

The first class series Deep Rest will start January 9th, 6.30pm

I will revive the Summer Snacks with brand new recordings – as you know I do like to distill what I learn from others and find out in my own practice and a lot of times those little nuggets of movements have a huge effect on our movement practice. And we’re all time-poor, so short practices are simply easier to stick to!

That’s what I have in my mind so far for 2024. While I was anticipating creating online courses now since 2018 or so, it’s time for me to let that thought go. I teach better when it’s a conversation from soma to soma rather than me talking into the void.
Some class series might be available to purchase as recordings only, though you’d have to sign up to them at particular times in the year to receive them. Instead of them being live classes, you work through them from recordings of previous live classes sent weekly and I will be available for questions and feedback during that time.

I’m looking forward to move and create with you next year!

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