New ongoing Somatics class

I’m excited to start teaching an ongoing Somatics class at Live and Breathe Pilates from Thursday 21st May. After introducing Somatic Movement in a charity workshop and also in my weekly Back Care class, we offer a pure Somatics class for those who suffer from tight and aching muscle pains. Somatic Movement is a safe, effective way of retraining your brain to send the right signals to the muscle again (contract when needed but also release when work is done!).

Austin, Steph and Katrin practising the Backlift to gain more control over the back muscles

A lot of the pains associated with repetitive actions (sitting for prolonged hours working at a desk, carrying a child on one side, playing a sport favouring one side of the body like golf or tennis) is caused by a full body pattern of habituated tension. In a Somatics class, we will first of all learn to fine tune our awareness for those tensions. Then we move through simple, guided movement patterns which help us to release this tension. Each class starts with a short awareness exercise called Body Scan to take a mental note of how we started. After guided movement – focusing on one area like neck and shoulders, lower back or a specific movement pattern like rotation – we repeat the Body Scan again to notice any differences. You’ll be surprised about what you didn’t know! The learning curve is steep, a Somatics class is an enjoyable way of re-gaining more control over your body and re-learning ways of moving beneficial and easy to apply to our every day lives.

Class starts Thursday May 21st 6pm ( 60 min)
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releasing the waist muscles for a smoother gait
releasing the waist muscles for a smoother gait